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Hello Chickasha!

It’s hard to believe it’s already May. Time flies during “Corona-cation!” 

It can’t be said enough what a wonderful job everyone is doing. I’m so proud to be a part of this school district. 

Homeschooling ain’t easy to say the least. Apparently Tiger King episodes don’t count as science class—and civics if you include the episodes with the court cases and elections. Suffice it to say, these past weeks have made it abundantly clear how blessed we are that we can send our kids to be loved and educated by the most wonderful people. 

It’s one thing to complete a task and do a job. But the people at CPS go above and beyond, their work is from the heart and it shows. 

The homework packet and website recommendations kept us busy and learning. It meant a lot to a socially deprived 6th grader to spend time with her teacher and classmates. It was so fun to see all the things planned. The ongoing communication was also comforting. 

Educators never cease to amaze me in the ways they demonstrate compassion and the insight they have to know what a student needs. It’s like a sixth sense for these people. I know all the teachers, staff, and administrators tapped into this ability for every student in the district. 

Unfortunately there are things we can’t control. An area of concern that has weighed heavy on my heart since the beginning of the shut down has been our graduating Seniors—the Class of 2020. I know Mr. Croslin and other board members share my concerns. Senior year activities and graduation are such an important rite of passage with a limited time frame. Not only for the graduates, but also for the parents, friends, and loved ones who have been there with them along this journey. 

As of now, it appears there might be some light at the end of this tunnel. Graduation is scheduled for June 19th at Memorial Stadium. 

We are cautiously optimistic. 

Regardless, I hope as we move into the month of May, you will make every effort to support the CHS Class of 2020. If you know a CHS Senior, reach out to them. Send them a note, tag them on social media, let them know you are proud of them. Perhaps you don’t know a Senior, but you are a CHS alumni, you could share a memory and offer encouraging words. Anything to let this awesome group of Seniors know that we support them and are excited to see what their future holds. 

I know Mr. Croslin and his merry band of administrators have been hard at work planning creative (and safe) ways for the community to celebrate our Seniors and show their support. I know you will want to make every effort to participate in these events be they online or in your car. 

The CHS Class of 2020 consists of an extraordinary group of individuals. I’m impressed that they managed to get a skip nine weeks. My graduating class could barely manage a senior skip day. We can not take for granted their hard work and overlook their accomplishments due to these unforeseen circumstances. They are the future and it’s our job to motivate them and congratulate them on their success. 

This is not how any Senior or their parents envisioned the end of their high school career. Life is unpredictable. That’s a fact. But let’s not have that be the lesson we send our Seniors with. Instead, let’s show them that life is unpredictable but with your Faith, family, and friends you can make it through anything! 

To the Chickasha Class of 2020, we’re in weird times. We find ourselves with all kinds of new oft repeated Orwellian phrases—“social distancing” and “flatten the curve.” My favorite is any reference to the “new normal.” Normal? We are a group of people who take pride in being represented by a chicken! We don’t exactly do “normal” around these parts—new or old. I’m confident there is no Senior Class more prepared to embark in this brave new world as this one here, the Chickasha Class of 2020! So go out into the world and set the new standard. On your adventures always remember you have Chickasha Fightin’ Chicks cheering for you every step of the way! 

All the best,

Cara Gerdes

Census info 2020

Census info 2020

graduation cap

Chickasha High School is still planning on having graduation for the Class of 2020.  Due to recent events it will not be held on May 15, 2020 as originally planned.  At this time, we cannot tell you exactly when, where, how, what, etc. about graduation.  We are brainstorming ideas.  Please know, we are committed to having a graduation ceremony of some fashion that will be memorable and special for this graduating class.  They have earned this event and we want it to happen for them.  So, stay tuned!



COVID19 Updates

CPS was informed this morning (June 25th) of a positive case of Covid – 19 by someone who attended the Chickasha High School  graduation on June 19th. If you attended the graduation ceremony and start showing symptoms please get tested.

June 8 Special Board Meeting

Monday June 8 at 6:00 p.m., The Chickasha Board of Education will have a Special Board Meeting via videoconference. You can view the meeting using the following link.

Board Meeting

Agenda and meeting documents can be found here

CPS Graduation

CPS Graduation Ceremony For Class of 2020

Date:  Friday, June 19th

Locations: Moved to Activity Center

Time:  7:30 p.m.

Senior Breakfast

Date:  Friday, June 19th

Location:  Bible Baptist

Time:  8:30 a.m.

Senior video will be debuted and senior awards will be given out.  

More details will be coming soon.

Infant Crises Center - Baby Mobile

June 16 at the Chickasha High School

10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.